Belleek Woods

10818893915 3b8252a922 zBelleek Woods is located on the western bank of the river Moy in Ballina. Comprising 200 acres of woodland with tree's up to 300 years old. The woods are ideal for walking, running or cycling.

There are many historical features to be seen along the trail, including a hermitage, ice house and a wall built during the famine in Ireland (1845) as a relief scheme. Each man involved on the building of the wall received a bowl of Indian meal for his days work. There is a diverse habitat on this site with woodland animals such as badgers ,foxes and rabbits present with heron, kingfisher, cormorant and otter to be seen along the riverbank.

Walk Details

Length: 4 kms

Estimated Time:1.5 hours

Degree of Difficulty:Moderate

Terrain:Forest Paths

Minimum Gear:Walking Shoes & Raingear